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Press Release

Clinically Proven Osteoarthritis “Wondergel” Launches In Singapore.

FLEXISEQ, the award winning new drug-free treatment for Osteoarthritis is now available in Singapore. Clinically proven* in Europe to be as effective at pain relief as the prescription drug celecoxib, but with an excellent safety profile, Flexiseq has been hailed in Europe as a Wondergel*. Flexiseq has already won The Innovation Award 2013 from the Federal Association of German Pharmacists for its break through Nano Technology.

FLEXISEQ is a specially formulated gel, which does not contain any pharmaceutically active ingredients. FLEXISEQ contains Sequessome Technology™, a new advanced technology developed in Germany, and is manufactured in Germany.

The Sequessome Technolog contains nanostructures that are able to cross through the skin barrier, through the FLEXISEQ gels topical application, and target the joint pain area. As the vesicles reach the inside of the joint, they act as a physical bio-lubricant to lubricate the joint and improve Osteoarthritis patients’ physical function and significantly reduce pain.

Adjunct Assistant Professor Sathappan, Senior Consultant, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, has used topical gel as means of treating osteoarthritis. He said, “Early to moderate osteoarthritis can be well managed with topical gel. They can facilitate optimal outcome with physiotherapy and allow in functional rehabilitation. Patients are often averse to taking medications and osteoarthritis also affects elderly patients with multiple medical co-morbidities who are already on multiple oral medications. Thus a topical gel as a treatment will be much better received by patients”.

Research conducted by Singhealth shows that Osteoarthritis affects an estimated 40% of the Singapore adult population. Until now the available treatments were medications, injections or surgery which all have issues for the patients and Drs. As the FLEXISEQ gel does not contain any drug, it may be used as a long term treatment option on its own and as an extension to other medications prescribed to best reduce pain associated with Osteoarthritis. Many of the old medicines can only be used for short periods of time.

Commented by a GP in Singapore, Dr Paul Ho, “Flexiseq is effective and relieve pain for osteoarthritis patient that is why patients return for more Flexiseq”.

In a trial conducted in Europe*, which involved over 1,300 patients, it was found that those who applied FLEXISEQ twice a day benefited from pain reduction equivalent to the prescription drug celecoxib without the health risks associated with the old treatments.

Dr Matthias Rother said: ‘This is an important study which further confirms the safety and efficacy of FLEXISEQ for treatment of the chronic pain and stiffness that troubles so many patients with OA. The effect size seen for FLEXISEQ is comparable to the effect sizes seen in a comparative study using the same design which demonstrated that FLEXISEQ has equivalent efficacy to the widely used oral NSAID, celecoxib. That study was published in “Rheumatology” earlier this year (Conaghan et 2013). These two studies are among several which consistently demonstrate the benefits of this drug-free gel.’

A spokeswoman for Arthritis Research UK also claimed that, “This new treatment may offer people at increased risk of these problems a safe and effective alternative form of pain relief.”

Flexiseq is now available in GP clinics and soon available to all hospital pharmacies and retail pharmacies.

About Ascension Healthcare plc

Ascension Healthcare plc is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercialising innovative therapies for the treatment of haemophilia and osteoarthritis. The Company has three products in clinical development for the treatment of haemophilia A and also a range of internationally marketed products for osteoarthritis sufferers. For more information please visit:

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