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Press Release

SEQuaderma launches a campaign to address preconceptions based on people’s appearance

SEQuaderma active dermatology products by Pro Bono Bio PLC, the world’s leading nanotechnology company offering health and lifestyle products, has launched a campaign, supported by the British Skin Foundation (BSF) aiming at supporting people that may be misjudged based on their appearance.

A new campaign launches today to challenge the way society responds to the appearance of others. The #TakeASEQondlook movement asks us pledge to value difference and acknowledge that split second judgements based on looks rather than understanding, can lead to hurt and rejection. In a world where image is king and our social connections require us to comment, it is far too easy to share instant responses that can cause harm. The #TakeASEQondlook mission calls for people to voice their support, by sharing stories, displaying the campaign badge on their social media posts and by taking part in what is
hoped will be a significant survey into the impact of appearance on us all.

SEQuaderma asks us all to challenge preconceptions based on appearance and to respect individuality. The results from the survey will also form part of forthcoming research by the BSF into the psychological impact of skin conditions, which will be conducted on behalf of BSF and made possible through funding provided by SEQuaderma. Knowledge gained from the campaign will also be also shared with like-minded organisations that are dedicated to
championing equality and the rights of individuals.

Phil Brady, Director of Fundraising at the British Skin Foundation says:
“We are pleased to be part of a big campaign like this and hope that it will bring acceptance of people who look slightly different, whether because of a skin condition or other visual difference. The survey will enable us to gain further insight into people’s personal challenges; the fundraising opportunities will help us fund research into the psychological effects of living with skin conditions and visual differences.”

Michael Earl COO of Pro Bono Bio said “We are delighted to be launching this exciting initiative, which was inspired by some of the stories we have encountered during the development of the SEQuaderma range of dermatology products.

The SEQuaderma range adheres closely to our company motto of “Do No Harm”. With Flexiseq we have been able to reduce the drug burden of NSAIDs for people with joint pain. With SEQuaderma we aim to reduce the burden of drugs such as steroids for people with various dermatoses and provide a really effective non-drug alternative to other cosmetic treatments that simply paint over the problem. We continue to bring Safe, Effective, Quality (SEQ) products to the market to change people’s lives for the better.”

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